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 El Mundo & Satori - Valley of the kings EP.
 Album artwork: "Cuibono" by Ineke Disveld


Afbeelding Cuibono op cd-cover







22 January 2010

Koert van der Velde, who is working for the Dutch daily newspaper Trouw and is an editor for the Religion & Philosophy editorial office,  approached me for an interview (left two columns):




90wattsrecords exclusive promo: El Mundo & Satori - Free Men We Are EP‏

DJ's El Mundo & Satori have chosen to use one of my paintings, 'Matrix' which fits perfectly with the funky deep dance music of El Mundo & Satori, on the cover of their record.



Article about my work, which can be seen at Waterland Art Press in Purmerend, in a local newspaper in Purmerend:



A nice article about my work in a South African magazine:


Press release about my exhibition in Noordwijk aan Zee for Fresco Art:



I can be found in the archive of the Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie (Office for Historical Art Documentation):




Press release about an exhibition of my paintings in a museum:



 The paintings were brought inside by dancers:

There was also a short local tv report (in Nijmegen) about the museum (Muzieum) and my exhibition.



Biennale Florence

A nice big book with one picture of the work of every artist of that year and a dvd about the stay at the Biennale.



Press release in newspaper De Gelderlander about an exhibition of my paintings at the ITS (Institute of Applied Sociology). Unfortunately not exactly readable, but I couldn't get it any sharper:



Managers Only Fair.

A nice article about my work in Haaglanden Business: